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Oats, a Superfood

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Superfoods verses super diets. Which is best?Superfoods verses super diets. Which is best?

Do they deserve to be called ‘superfoods’? And are some foods more ‘super’ than others?

Healthy Eating

Focus on blood pressureFocus on blood pressure

Foods to help manage your blood pressure

Healthy Eating

The truth about superfoodsThe truth about superfoods

Do superfoods live up to the claims?

Healthy Eating

What Kind of Drink is Best for ExerciseWhat Kind of Drink is Best for Exercise

Staying hydrated during and after exercise is important, but what is the best drink for you?

Smoothie   Healthy Eating

Keeping an eye on your blood cholesterolKeeping an eye on your blood cholesterol

Cholesterol - a small amount is vital, to much can kill you.

Healthy Eating

Avocado, mint smoothieAvocado, mint smoothie

A nutritious smoothie which is great if you are a little bit hungry and need more than a drink

Smoothie   Vegetable   Vegetable   Snack   Healthy Eating

Why oats are good for youWhy oats are good for you

Oats are nutritious grains containing not only nutrients but other bioactive ingredients that can help keep our bodies healthy.

Rice pudding with fresh strawberry sauceRice pudding with fresh strawberry sauce

A really healthy treat, packed with calcium


Dairy free fruit shakesDairy free fruit shakes

A healthy treat for you or your children - use fruits such as raspberries, banana, pineapple, blueberries and strawberries

Fruit   Treat

Chocolate berry milkshakeChocolate berry milkshake

Milk shakes are a great snack to enjoy throughout the day and they can be nutritious and filling if you add a little natural nut butter made from almonds, hazel nuts or peanuts.

Fruit   Fruit   Smoothie   Treat

Portobello mushrooms in a white saucePortobello mushrooms in a white sauce

Oat Drink is a very good substitute for cow’s milk if you want to make a lactose free white sauce.

Vegetable   Sauce   Main dish

Oat porridge sunflower seeds and dried cherries Oat porridge sunflower seeds and dried cherries

Porridge is a classic, nutritious breakfast dish. Other ingredients can be added to ring the changes, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Breakfast   Cereal   Fruit




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