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Below is a list of items tagged Fruit

How to eat healthy food on a budgetHow to eat healthy food on a budget

Getting the best quality food for your money to help your family stay fit and well during the coming winter

Fruit   Vegetable   Healthy Eating

Two toned fresh strawberry ice-lolliesTwo toned fresh strawberry ice-lollies

Super nutritious containing real strawberries, banana, vanilla, yogurt and Oat Drink

Fruit   Treat

Strawberry Oat Drink ShakeStrawberry Oat Drink Shake

This is a great milkshake for making during the warmer summer months when you need something cool and nourishing to drink.

Fruit   Snack   Treat

Eat a rainbowEat a rainbow

Why it is important to eat colourful fruit and vegetables

Fruit   Vegetable   Healthy Eating

Fig, almond cake with a warm honey glazeFig, almond cake with a warm honey glaze

Ripe figs are lovely to eat fresh but they are also great to use in cakes - this combination of figs, honey, almonds and yogurt is wonderful

Fruit   Treat   Healthy Eating

Peach smoothie with raspberry saucePeach smoothie with raspberry sauce

Peaches are delicious to eat as they are but they are also fabulous to use in drinks, salads and puddings too.

Fruit   Smoothie   Snack   Healthy Eating

Stewed gooseberries and home made vanilla custardStewed gooseberries and home made vanilla custard

Gooseberries are one of the treats of early summer in the UK and make a perfect pudding with a little home made custard.

Fruit   Dessert

Chia porridge with strawberry puree and fresh mint sugarChia porridge with strawberry puree and fresh mint sugar

Chia seeds are nutritious and easy to prepare and make a smooth easy to eat breakfast porridge or snack.

Breakfast   Fruit

Mango and pineapple milk shakeMango and pineapple milk shake

The combination of tropical fruit such as mango, pineapple and banana are perfect for when you want a nutritious drink to fill a gap.

Fruit   Snack

Dairy free fruit shakesDairy free fruit shakes

A healthy treat for you or your children - use fruits such as raspberries, banana, pineapple, blueberries and strawberries

Fruit   Treat

Plum and apple crumble with vanilla custardPlum and apple crumble with vanilla custard

The marzipan and the vanilla make this a taste sensation

Fruit   Dessert

Chocolate berry milkshakeChocolate berry milkshake

Milk shakes are a great snack to enjoy throughout the day and they can be nutritious and filling if you add a little natural nut butter made from almonds, hazel nuts or peanuts.

Fruit   Fruit   Smoothie   Treat

Blackberry and apple cardamom bunsBlackberry and apple cardamom buns

These fragrant buns contain a beautiful mix of flavours including honey, coconut, cardamom and, blackberry and apple.

Fruit   Snack   Treat   Healthy Eating

Oat porridge sunflower seeds and dried cherries Oat porridge sunflower seeds and dried cherries

Porridge is a classic, nutritious breakfast dish. Other ingredients can be added to ring the changes, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Breakfast   Cereal   Fruit

Blueberry, lime and almond smoothieBlueberry, lime and almond smoothie

This is a delicious, nutritious, breakfast smoothie which is quick to make if you are pinched for time in the morning.

Breakfast   Fruit   Smoothie   Snack   Snack

Apricot & vanilla Bircher muesliApricot & vanilla Bircher muesli

The beautiful flavours of vanilla, orange, apricot and cocoa make this creamy Bircher muesli a refreshing breakfast dish.

Breakfast   Cereal   Fruit




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