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Below is a list of items tagged Treat

Almond, berry and lime bunsAlmond, berry and lime buns

Quick to make and have lots of flavour without being too sweet


Chelsea buns with cardomom and pistachioChelsea buns with cardomom and pistachio

Delicious and great to make with children


Iced Coffee FrappéIced Coffee Frappé

A cool, nutritious drink for the warm summer months.


Spiced oaty hot chocolateSpiced oaty hot chocolate

This is a lovely seasonal drink that can be made up in advance and kept hot in a Thermos flask.

Treat   Chocolate

Oat Drink CappuccinoOat Drink Cappuccino

Oat Drink is good for espresso based drinks

Breakfast   Treat

Wholewheat date and walnut muffinsWholewheat date and walnut muffins

Great for a mid-morning snack with a cup of coffee or tea.


Vegan banana loafVegan banana loaf

Perfect with mid-morning coffee or included in a packed lunch

Snack   Treat

Tahini and Rye Chocolate CookiesTahini and Rye Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are great to make with children because the method is so simple.

Snack   Treat

Two toned fresh strawberry ice-lolliesTwo toned fresh strawberry ice-lollies

Super nutritious containing real strawberries, banana, vanilla, yogurt and Oat Drink

Fruit   Treat

Vegan hot chocolateVegan hot chocolate

Warm yourself up with a mug of homemade hot chocolate


Strawberry Oat Drink ShakeStrawberry Oat Drink Shake

This is a great milkshake for making during the warmer summer months when you need something cool and nourishing to drink.

Fruit   Snack   Treat

Almond and butternut squash Halloween cakeAlmond and butternut squash Halloween cake

Health cake! The intriguing thing about this recipe is it contains no added fat. The only fat the recipe contains comes from ground almonds.


Muffins topped with rhubarb compoteMuffins topped with rhubarb compote

A delicious dairy-free treat


Spiced treacle and pine nut biscuitsSpiced treacle and pine nut biscuits

This is recipe is lovely to make with children and if you pierce a hole through the middle they can be made into Christmas Tree decorations.


Lemon Drizzle CakeLemon Drizzle Cake

Lemon drizzle cake epitomises English afternoon tea eaten outside on a warm summer’s day.


Dairy Free Hot chocolateDairy Free Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the nation’s favourite drinks and the good new is it can be made with both Oat Drink and Chocoloat, the non diary alternatives to cows milk.


Blueberry muffinsBlueberry muffins

Oat Drink is so good to use in muffin and other dairyfree cake recipes


Raspberry & lime cakeRaspberry & lime cake

An eye catching gluten free cake that tastes as good as it looks.

Treat   Gluten Free

Gluten Free Sticky Ginger CakeGluten Free Sticky Ginger Cake

Delicious, rich and gluten free - can you afford to miss out?

Treat   Gluten Free

Chocolate, banana and avocado smoothieChocolate, banana and avocado smoothie

A nutritious smoothie which tastes great and makes a very good snack or accompaniment to a light meal

Smoothie   Snack   Treat

Fig, almond cake with a warm honey glazeFig, almond cake with a warm honey glaze

Ripe figs are lovely to eat fresh but they are also great to use in cakes - this combination of figs, honey, almonds and yogurt is wonderful

Fruit   Treat   Healthy Eating

Apple cake with a warm honey glazeApple cake with a warm honey glaze

A great way to get children to eat fruit


Dairy free fruit shakesDairy free fruit shakes

A healthy treat for you or your children - use fruits such as raspberries, banana, pineapple, blueberries and strawberries

Fruit   Treat

Chocolate berry milkshakeChocolate berry milkshake

Milk shakes are a great snack to enjoy throughout the day and they can be nutritious and filling if you add a little natural nut butter made from almonds, hazel nuts or peanuts.

Fruit   Fruit   Smoothie   Treat

Blackberry and apple cardamom bunsBlackberry and apple cardamom buns

These fragrant buns contain a beautiful mix of flavours including honey, coconut, cardamom and, blackberry and apple.

Fruit   Snack   Treat   Healthy Eating




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