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Main dish

Below is a list of items tagged Main dish

Smoked haddock with a cheesy and mustard sauce.Smoked haddock with a cheesy and mustard sauce.

A quick, nutritious, main course which can be served with a variety of vegetables

Main dish   Fish

Smoked salmon and spinach rouladeSmoked salmon and spinach roulade

Smoked salmon roulade is a great recipe for the festive season.

Main dish   Fish

Pumpkin filo pie with spinach and pine nutsPumpkin filo pie with spinach and pine nuts

Easy and fun to make, and it's full of nutritious ingredien

Vegetable   Main dish

Veggies in a holeVeggies in a hole

A tasty way of packing a variety of delicious vegetables into your diet.

Vegetable   Main dish

Roast tomato and asparagus pastaRoast tomato and asparagus pasta

Simple to prepare and very nutrictious

Vegetable   Main dish

Spicy potato cakes with caramelised lemonSpicy potato cakes with caramelised lemon

These spicy potato cakes are stuffed full of nutritious spinach and peas and delicious spices.

Main dish

Chicken CurryChicken Curry

A healthy version of the UK's favourite dish

Main dish

Beet BurgerBeet Burger

A stunning recipe, beet burgers are a perfect if you fancy an alternative to meat.

Main dish   Healthy Eating

Crab, pea and lemon pasta topped with asparagusCrab, pea and lemon pasta topped with asparagus

Quick to prepare, a healthy meal in a bowl with vegetables mixed in the with tasty fresh crab and lemon sauce.

Main dish   Fish

Easy tray baked chickenEasy tray baked chicken

This chicken dish is colourful, tasty and easy to prepare.

Main dish   Healthy Eating

Stir fried Brussels sprouts with lime coriander and peanutsStir fried Brussels sprouts with lime coriander and peanuts

Christmas ingredients served in a new way. Brussels sprouts are really great thinly sliced and stir fried with Asian flavours like ginger and chilli. Delicious!

Vegetable   Main dish

Pasta with wild mushroom saucePasta with wild mushroom sauce

A lovely dish to serve during the autumn months when wild mushrooms are in season, or using chestnut mushrooms out of season.

Main dish

Stuffed courgettesStuffed courgettes

Stuffed courgettes makes a wonderful, nutritious mid week summer meal.

Vegetable   Main dish   Healthy Eating

Fish curry with coconut, lemongrass and kaffir lime sauceFish curry with coconut, lemongrass and kaffir lime sauce

Oat Drink can be used in most dishes as a substitute for milk but in this recipe it is used to thin coconut milk

Vegetable   Main dish   Fish

Prawn LaksaPrawn Laksa

Delicious and satisfying, this is a versatile dish that can be easily adapted for meat and fish eaters or vegetarians.

Main dish   Fish

Shepard's PieShepard's Pie

A classic dish which all meat eater love with smooth and creamy mashed potato made with Oat Drink.

Main dish   Meat

Spaghetti with peas, crispy bacon, mint and ParmesanSpaghetti with peas, crispy bacon, mint and Parmesan

This is a dish is delicious, nutritious and simple to make. It is the sort of meal that can be made by teenagers and other members of the family that like to cook.

Sauce   Main dish

Asparagus with black rice, quinoa and pestoAsparagus with black rice, quinoa and pesto

Asparagus is lovely eaten on its own with a little butter but it is even better with a sauce.

Vegetable   Main dish

Creamy chicken, mushroom and tarragon pieCreamy chicken, mushroom and tarragon pie

A delicious, creamy pie that is easy to make

Main dish   Meat

Fragrant, spiced haddock chowderFragrant, spiced haddock chowder

A quick, flavoursome dish made from humble ingredients which taste spectacular

Main dish   Fish

Fish pie with two potato mashFish pie with two potato mash

Use Oat Drink in place of cows’ milk to make the white sauce and with the mashed potato

Main dish

Buckwheat and spinach pancakes with roasted peppersBuckwheat and spinach pancakes with roasted peppers

These dairy free pancakes are both nutritious and delicious - what you put on top is up to you.

Vegetable   Main dish

Portobello mushrooms in a white saucePortobello mushrooms in a white sauce

Oat Drink is a very good substitute for cow’s milk if you want to make a lactose free white sauce.

Vegetable   Sauce   Main dish

Sweet potato, courgette and herb frittata with pestoSweet potato, courgette and herb frittata with pesto

This nutritious and satisfying one pan meal would be perfect to cook if you come home hungry after work

Vegetable   Main dish




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