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To peel or not to peel?The pitfalls of a plant-based dietPumpkin filo pie with spinach and pine nutsIs juicing fruit and vegetables good for you?How to eat healthy food on a budgetVeggies in a holeChocolate mousseRoast tomato and asparagus pastaAsparagus and Pea FlanStir fried Brussels sprouts with lime coriander and peanutsStuffed courgettesEat a rainbowVeggie pots with quinoa and tahini dressingFish curry with coconut, lemongrass and kaffir lime sauceRoast Vegetable MuffinsAvocado, mint smoothieAvocado, lime and chilli on toastAsparagus with black rice, quinoa and pestoAvocado, pea and feta on toastParsnip soup with warming spicesBuckwheat and spinach pancakes with roasted peppersWild mushroom soup with garlic and thyme croutonsCarrot coriander and coconut soup with spicy chickpeasPortobello mushrooms in a white sauceSweet potato, courgette and herb frittata with pesto




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