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Below is a list of items tagged Breakfast

Wild mushrooms on toastWild mushrooms on toast

This delicious medley of mushrooms is a nutritious meal that can be cooked in a flash.

Breakfast   Healthy Eating

Autumn fruit smoothie bowlAutumn fruit smoothie bowl

Delicious way to get a whole range of nutritious foods into breakfast.

Breakfast   Cereal   Healthy Eating

Oat Drink CappuccinoOat Drink Cappuccino

Oat Drink is good for espresso based drinks

Breakfast   Treat

Summer buckwheat porridgeSummer buckwheat porridge

Made with fruit and hazelnuts, a lovely porridge to make as the seasons change and we move into the warmer summer months

Breakfast   Cereal   Gluten Free

Granola jars with fruit compoteGranola jars with fruit compote

Granola is wonderfully crunchy mix of seeds and cereals and is nutritious because it contains a mixture of whole grain oats, nuts and seeds

Breakfast   Cereal   Healthy Eating

Chia, blueberries and toasted seedsChia, blueberries and toasted seeds

Delicious and healthy

Breakfast   Snack

Chia porridge with strawberry puree and fresh mint sugarChia porridge with strawberry puree and fresh mint sugar

Chia seeds are nutritious and easy to prepare and make a smooth easy to eat breakfast porridge or snack.

Breakfast   Fruit

Pancakes with winter fruit compotePancakes with winter fruit compote

Pancakes can work from breakfast to bedtime - this recipe is for a fruit compote, but these pancakes will work for any filling.

Breakfast   Dessert

Oat porridge sunflower seeds and dried cherries Oat porridge sunflower seeds and dried cherries

Porridge is a classic, nutritious breakfast dish. Other ingredients can be added to ring the changes, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Breakfast   Cereal   Fruit

Blueberry, lime and almond smoothieBlueberry, lime and almond smoothie

This is a delicious, nutritious, breakfast smoothie which is quick to make if you are pinched for time in the morning.

Breakfast   Fruit   Smoothie   Snack   Snack


This tasty, crunchy granola makes a great breakfast dish when served with Provitamil Oat Drink and fresh fruit.

Breakfast   Cereal

Apricot & vanilla Bircher muesliApricot & vanilla Bircher muesli

The beautiful flavours of vanilla, orange, apricot and cocoa make this creamy Bircher muesli a refreshing breakfast dish.

Breakfast   Cereal   Fruit

The importance of a good breakfastThe importance of a good breakfast

About 20% of adults and 30% of children in the UK regularly skip breakfast, but what effect does skipping breakfast have on health, well being and weight?





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