Warm vanilla and honey flat white

Coffee, sweetened with a little honey and vanilla makes a comforting drink for any day. It is particularly delicious made with frothed Oat Drink which gives it a creamy texture. It is quick and easy to make. 

Serves 2


2 shots of espresso, or 60ml freshly brewed coffee
400ml hot Oat Drink
2 tsp runny honey
1 tsp vanilla extract

Two glasses to serve


Pour 30ml (one shot) espresso/freshly brewed coffee in each glass. Add a teaspoon of runny honey and a few drops of vanilla essence to each glass. 

Meanwhile warm the OatDrink to simmering point and froth with a whisk. Pour half of the frothed Oat Drink over each glass of coffee. 


Try it on Ice

Add the espresso, vanilla and honey mix into a glass of ice. Top up with OatDrink and enjoy it cold

I find this an easy way to froth OatDrink. 

Place 200ml of OatDrink in a cafetiere. Warm in a microwave on full power until just simmering. Remove the cafetiere from the microwave and use the plunger of the cafetiere to froth the warm liquid. Return the glass cafetiere to the microwave on full power for 10 seconds to set the froth. The frothed OatDrink is now ready to pour over the coffee.