Tofu scramble on toast

Tofu is a bean curd made from the liquid produced from soaked, dried soya beans. It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and can be added to many delicious dishes as a high-quality protein ingredient. In this recipe it is a wonderful alternative to scrambled egg. A little Oat Drink helps to loosen the Tofu to give it a creamy, soft texture. It is lovely served on toast with a few slices of ripe avocado.

Serves 2


½ red onion, finely chopped

2 medium tomatoes, chopped

1 tbsp fresh coriander, finely chopped

1 green, finger chilli deseeded and chopped (optional)

1/2 tsp ground turmeric

pinch mild curry powder

1 tbsp olive oil

140g silken or firm tofu, drained

2 tbsp Oat Drink

2 slices sourdough bread, lightly toasted

1 ripe avocado, sliced


Place the chopped red onion, tomatoes, coriander, and chilli (if using) into a bowl. Add the turmeric and curry powder and mix well.

Drizzle the olive oil over the base of a frying pan and swirl to ensure the base is coated. Add the chopped vegetables and spices to the pan and let the mixture sizzle for two minutes, stirring regularly until they are soft.

Squeeze as much liquid from the tofu as you can. Place the block of tofu in a bowl and mash it with a fork. Add the Oat Drink and mix well. Add the mashed tofu to the cooked vegetables and cook gently for five minutes until the tofu is heated through. Serve the scrambled tofu on a slice of warm sourdough toast, with the sliced avocado and scattered with a few chopped coriander leaves. Season with pepper and sea salt according to your taste.