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Christmas 2022

Please Note:

We are closed from 22nd December 2022 until the 3rd January 2023. Any orders placed after 19th December 2022 will be dispatched on our return.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Strawberry Oat Drink Shake

This is a great milkshake for making during the warmer summer months when you need something cool and nourishing to drink. Strawberries are at their best during the summer months and because they are naturally sweet there is no need to add extra sugar. To make this Oat Drink shake more substantial I have added a couple of teaspoons of almond butter but any nut butter would do. Adding a nut butter adds protein and some ‘healthy’ fats to the drink making it a good food to top up nutrient supplies in the body after exercise.

Serves 4


400ml Oat Drink

200g strawberries

1 tsp vanilla essence

2 tsp almond butter (any nut butter will do)

1 large banana (peeled, chopped and frozen if time)

To serve

Chopped mint or lemon verbena


Place all the ingredients for the Oat Drink shake in the goblet of a liquidiser and blitz for 30 seconds.


If you have any over ripe bananas these are ideal for milk shakes. Simply peel each banana, chop it up roughly, place in an air tight container or freezer bag and store in freezer until needed.