Oat Drink Cappuccino

Plant based Oat Drink is liked by baristas because its flavour is quite neutral and mild which makes it perfect for espresso based drinks.

Oat based milks do take longer to foam than cow’s milk because the protein structure that holds the micro-foam (froth) is different.

It is possible to get quite a good foam by warming 200ml Oat Drink in a small glass cafetière in a microwave for one to two minutes and then using the plunger to froth the milk. Return the Oat Drink to the microwave for 10 seconds after frothing sets the foam so that it can be poured over the coffee.

For one cappuccino

200ml Oat Drink

1 Espresso shot (or 1 heaped teaspoon of strong coffee)


Make an espresso shot, or mix one heaped teaspoon of good quality, strong coffee with a tablespoon of boiling water to dilute.

Gently heat the Oat Drink either in a pan or microwave oven. Be careful not to let it boil. Froth the Oat Drink either by using a frother (or plunger in a cafetière described above) or whisk the Oat Drink in a pan until it forms a light and frothy foam.

Pour the frothed Oat Drink over the espresso or coffee and enjoy.