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Dairy Free Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the nation’s favourite drinks and the good new is it can be made with both Oat Drink and Chocoloat, the non-diary alternatives to cows milk. Both Oat Drink and Chocoloat can be whisked into a beautiful, thick creamy froth and used to crown the top of the hot chocolate.

Many ready to drink hot chocolates are extremely high in calories derived from the sagar and added cream. Making your own hot chocolate keeps sugar levels down and still provides a delicious nourishing drink and is ideal for bedtime. Hot chocolate is also perfect ‘Food on the Go’ as it can be stored in a small thermos flask.

Serves 2


400 ml / 14 fl oz Oat Drink or Chocoloat

2 tsp cocoa powder

sugar to taste (optional)

a few mini marshmallows for decoration (optional)


Place a teaspoon of cocoa powder into each of two mugs (add slightly less cocoa if you are using Chocoloat as it has a mild chocolate flavour already). Pour a little cold milk into the mug and stir it into the cocoa powder until it forms a smooth paste. Heat the Oat Drink or Chocoloat in a small saucepan until it is just off the boil. Gradually pour the Oat Drink/ Chocoloat into the cocoa paste and stir well. Sweeten to taste and scatter with a few mini marshmallow if using.


To create a frothy top to the hot chocolate, pour a little of the hot Oat Drink/ Chocoloat into a small cafetière and use the plunger to froth the hot Oat Drink/Chocooat.