Avocado, mint smoothie

Smoothies provide both hydration and nutrition. Avocados are supply a range of nutrients including vitamin E, potassium, dietary fibre and monounsaturated fats.

Serves 2


2 small, ripe avocado

juice 1/2 lemon

400 ml Oat Drink

1 tbsp fresh mint leaves, rinsed

a few lemon verbena leaves (optional)

1 tsp honey

2 tsp cocoa nibs (optional)

edible flowers to decorate e.g. nasturtium, borage, marigold


Cut the avocado in half and remove the stone. Scrape the flesh from the skin using a dessertspoon. Make sure you scrape away the dark green flesh from close to the skin. This adds colour to your smoothie.

Add the lemon juice, Oat Drink, mint and lemon verbena and process with a stick blender or liquidiser. Pour into two glasses and sprinkle with cocoa nibs if using. Decorate with an edible flower if you have one and serve.