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Recipes with Oat Drink

At Provitamil, we want to give you more than just a great product, so we have created a great selection of recipes to show you how you can get the most out of them.

You will see that Oat Drink makes a great dairy-free alternative to milk across the board and, hopefully, you will find some inspiration from the recipes that have been put together by Dr Joan Ransley, who is an expert in nutrition.

Two toned fresh strawberry ice-lolliesTwo toned fresh strawberry ice-lollies

Super nutritious containing real strawberries, banana, vanilla, yogurt and Oat Drink

Fruit, Treat

Slow Cooked Rice PuddingSlow Cooked Rice Pudding

Slow cooked rice pudding, goes beautifully with baked pears, fruit compotes, boozy prunes or poached early season rhubarb


Spiced treacle and pine nut biscuitsSpiced treacle and pine nut biscuits

This is recipe is lovely to make with children and if you pierce a hole through the middle they can be made into Christmas Tree decorations.


Pasta with wild mushroom saucePasta with wild mushroom sauce

A lovely dish to serve during the autumn months when wild mushrooms are in season, or using chestnut mushrooms out of season.

Main dish

Dairy Free Hot chocolateDairy Free Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the nation’s favourite drinks and the good new is it can be made with both Oat Drink and Chocoloat, the non diary alternatives to cows milk.


Peach smoothie with raspberry saucePeach smoothie with raspberry sauce

Peaches are delicious to eat as they are but they are also fabulous to use in drinks, salads and puddings too.

Fruit, Smoothie, Snack, Healthy Eating

Avocado, mint smoothieAvocado, mint smoothie

A nutritious smoothie which is great if you are a little bit hungry and need more than a drink

Smoothie, Vegetable, Vegetable, Snack, Healthy Eating

Mango and pineapple milk shakeMango and pineapple milk shake

The combination of tropical fruit such as mango, pineapple and banana are perfect for when you want a nutritious drink to fill a gap.

Fruit, Snack

Apple cake with a warm honey glazeApple cake with a warm honey glaze

A great way to get children to eat fruit


Rice pudding with fresh strawberry sauceRice pudding with fresh strawberry sauce

A really healthy treat, packed with calcium


Dairy free fruit shakesDairy free fruit shakes

A healthy treat for you or your children - use fruits such as raspberries, banana, pineapple, blueberries and strawberries

Fruit, Treat

Plum and apple crumble with vanilla custardPlum and apple crumble with vanilla custard

The marzipan and the vanilla make this a taste sensation

Fruit, Dessert