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Recipes with Chololoat

Oats are really good at absorbing flavour, which means that Chocoloat is more chocolaty than flavoured milk or soya drinks, giving you a perfect, smooth chocolate shake every time.

Chocoloat is also, like our naturally-flavoured Provitamil Oat Drink, perfect for cooking - just take a look down the page to see some inspirational dishes that you can make.

Spiced oaty hot chocolateSpiced oaty hot chocolate

This is a lovely seasonal drink that can be made up in advance and kept hot in a Thermos flask.

Treat, Chocolate

Dairy Free Hot chocolateDairy Free Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the nation’s favourite drinks and the good new is it can be made with both Oat Drink and Chocoloat, the non diary alternatives to cows milk.


Chocoloat, pear and almond potsChocoloat, pear and almond pots

This delicious quick to make, nutritious pudding is suitable for a lactose free diet and will be popular with children.

Dessert, Chocolate

Chocolate, banana and avocado smoothieChocolate, banana and avocado smoothie

A nutritious smoothie which tastes great and makes a very good snack or accompaniment to a light meal

Smoothie, Snack, Treat

Chocolate rice puddingChocolate rice pudding

A humble, dairy free rice pudding made up into a glamorous dessert


Almond & cholocate potsAlmond & cholocate pots

Perfect for making ahead of time if you fancy a really delicious, dairy free dessert.


Chocolate berry milkshakeChocolate berry milkshake

Milk shakes are a great snack to enjoy throughout the day and they can be nutritious and filling if you add a little natural nut butter made from almonds, hazel nuts or peanuts.

Fruit, Fruit, Smoothie, Treat