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Chocoloat - the chocolate Oat Drink

Great for the kids and a healthy treat for adults too, non-dairy Chocoloat is a great-tasting, chocolate-flavoured alternative to milk and soya.

Chocolate goodness

Chocoloat is filled with the goodness of oats and boosted with added calcium and vitamins.  And, because oats are really good at absorbing flavour, Chocoloat is more chocolaty than flavoured milk or soya drinks. That means a perfect, smooth chocolate shake every time.

Cooking chocoloat

Chocoloat is also, like our naturally-flavoured Provitamil Oat Drink, perfect for cooking, whether for a tempting chocolate mousse, or a hot, meltingly-delicious souffle.  There are plenty of ideas in our recipes section of the website just waiting to be tried.

For the chocolaholics in your family, Chocoloat is the perfect, healthy addiction.

Try some for yourself

Why not try Provitamil Oat Drink for yourself, to see how well it fits with your lifestyle? You can buy our oat drink from most good supermarkets and from a wide variety of stores - click here to find out more.

A healthier lifestyle

At Provitamil, we want to give you more than a great product, we want to help you to use it in a heathy lifestyle.

With the help of nutrition expert Dr Joan Ransley, we have created a wide selection of delicous recipes for your to try, as well as lots of information on how to make milk-alternatives part of a healthier diet. We hope you enjoy them.